Maria Rebecca Ballestra

Name: Maria Rebecca Ballestra

Specialism: Visual Artist

Monaco: Monte Carlo

weblink: Maria Rebecca Ballestra

The visual artist and cultural producer Maria Rebecca Ballestra, based in Monte Carlo, works in nomadic condition. The work of Maria Rebecca Ballestra is focused on the reprocessing and resetting of social, political and environmental themes and on synthesizing ethno-cultural codes, investigated during journeys and several artist residencies program all around the world. Elaborated trans-disciplinary projects, which emphasize communicative and social aspects, set into artistic practise in site and context specific installation, relational projects and photography. Her last production Journey into Fragility, is oriented towards the perception of the future in relation to climate change and multiple human interventions in the natural environment and sense of insecurity and anxiety that characterizes this new millennium.

She is graduate of the Florence Academy of Fine Arts, and she has completed her training with study courses at the Picasso Museum of Malaga (Spain), at Contemporary Art Museum Luigi Pecci (Prato – Italy), at Pottery Museum of Barcelona (Spain), at the Archaeological Museum of Rethymno (Greece). She has been selected for several Artist Residence Programs around the world, such as: Europos Parkas (Lithuania), Taipei Artist Village (Taiwan), Gozo Contemporary (Malta), Global Arts Village (India), CEAC (China), Open Art Residency (Greece), Artist Camp Sowing Seeds (India), DEFAULT Masterclass in Residence: On Art, Cities and Regeneration (Italy), Sunhoo Industrial Design Park (China), etc. Since 1993 she has taken part in international exhibitions in Europe, Asia and Middle East both in public and private space. Her works are part of private and public collections.

Journey into Fragility

maria rebecca ballestra _journey into fragility


Inspired by renowned Italian poet Massimo Morasso’s Arenzano Manifesto for Earth and the Human Being, multi-media artist Rebecca Ballestra’s Journey Into Fragility comprises twelve projects in twelve countries with the intention of developing an active dialogue around the environment and the value of life on earth. Today our world is changing ever more rapidly and unforeseeably, from monumental environmental disasters, to exponential population growth, to fierce wars over resources. Now, as never before, humanity perceives its own fragility and begins to conceive of the possibility of global collapse.  Economic polarization, including contrasts between social classes, increased migration towards wealthy countries, as well as the instability of world markets, and the recent failures of both banks and insurance companies, have combined to create a palpable sense of insecurity and social tension. Faced with unstoppable increasing globalization, and with environmental catastrophe looming, can we continue to operate with such dangerously shortsighted vision? Or can we envision a new version of politics, art, and society—a version with the ability to consider the interests of humans as a species in preserving their own fragile habitat? Can we imagine an enlightened global world willing to forsake individual countries’ interests for the greater good of all? Can we conceive of a new movement aimed at safeguarding our species and our planet?
Written in 2001, Massimo Morasso’s Manifesto is composed of twelve proactive statements aimed at reframing and reversing the environmental crisis. The Manifesto was endorsed by the many of the world’s most important poets, including Derek Walcott, Seamus Heaney, Adonis, Bei Dao, Mario Luzi, Yves Bonnefoy, Andrea Zanzotto, and John Ashbery, to name but a few. Journey Into Fragility borrows its presentation format from the Manifesto, encompassing twelve projects realized in twelve locations around the world, in both wealthy and underdeveloped countries. Each individual project is based on one of the statements of the Manifesto, and involves its own scientific partner and curator. Each project featured related programming including workshops, discussions, conferences, and debates. The process of each phase of the project is recorded in a documentary film, a web page, and a photographic reportage. When the twelve individual phases of Journey Into Fragility were realized, the pilgrimage culminated in a comprehensive exhibition documenting all of the phases of the project, sharing the results of all of the activities carried out in various countries, with the intent of fostering an active dialogue around preserving our resources and achieving creative solutions for the health and benefit of the earth and our future.

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