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Call For Papers

This interdisciplinary symposium seeks to identify innovative research practices and case studies, which demonstrate how the fields of environmental art, environmental science & environmentalist politics can be usefully combined, in order to further environmental discourse in the public sphere. The aim of the symposium is to break down the disciplinary boundaries that seperate the spheres of art/science/politics, in order to promote examples of research practice founded upon a willingness to collaborate and experiment.

Network Ecologies welcomes papers that identify methodological concerns, theoretical perspectives and practice-based case studies pertaining to subjects as various as: habitat loss and environmental despoliation, industrial pollution and environmental health concerns, thinking ecologically, breaking down the barriers between nature/culture, and profiling interdisciplinary collaborative working practices. The aim of Network Ecologies is to foster dialogue within the community in the first instance, which can result in meaningful change within the social sphere at a subsequent point in time.

The Conference Programme

For details of the delegates who attended the inaugural event, and the major themes of the symposium, please see the programme: Network Ecologies 2015. Further details on individuals can be found by searching through the member’s profiles.

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