Will Mayes

Name: Will Mayes

Specialism: Scientist

UK: Scarborough

weblink: Will Mayes

Will Mayes (University of Hull) is a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science.  His research focuses on pollutant fate and transport, the development of low-cost remedial technologies for post-industrial discharges, and resource recovery. WM has published > 50 research publications with > 650 citations and an h-index of 15. He has secured over £1.0 million of research funding in the last 5 years, predominantly from the UK Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).  His recent research includes that on the Kolontár red mud impoundment failure in Hungary, in 2010 (NE/I019468/1; 2010 – 2011; £26,300), which resulted in 10 international peer-reviewed journal papers as well as invited addresses to senior Hungarian government officials and industrial representatives.  This work also facilitated the ongoing collaboration with Conohar on the integration of environmental photography and environmental science data.  Building on the success of the work in Hungary he won two successive NERC grants to investigate Resource Recovery and Remediation for Alkaline Wastes (NE/K015648/1; 2013; £76,500 and NE/L014211/1; 2014-2017; £633,900).  He has also worked extensively on pollution associated with abandoned mines in the UK.  This work has extensively informed operational management at Defra and the Environment Agency.

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