SoundCamp Collective

Name: SoundCamp Collective

Specialism: sound artist

UK: London

weblink: SoundCamp Collective

SoundCamp are a London based artist collective. We aim to create a new listenership for live audio streaming, and build collaborations between UK and international artists working in urban and rural places. We contribute to research and development of open source solutions for relaying live sounds, and establishing a permanent open microphone network as a resource for artists, researchers, activists and other listeners.Past and current collaborations and partnerships include Stave Hill Ecological Park in London, Octopus Collective (Cumbria), Soundart Radio (Devon), Resonance FM, Wave Farm / WGXC (Upstate New York), Locus Sonus (Aix /Bourges), NAISA (Toronto), CONA (Ljublana), Liminaria (Italy), The London Sound Survey and other local FM and netradio stations

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