David Haley

Name: David Haley

Specialism: Visual Artist

UK: Manchester

weblink: David Haley

Ecological artist, David Haley, believes our ability to survive Climate Change is the enactment of a complex evolutionary narrative. As the dance of creation and destruction, also, demands new opportunities and meanings for the other side of collapse, his inquiries into the nature of water, whole systems ecology, complexity, and integral critical futures thinking inform his arts practice, academic research, education and community developments. Haley, is a Senior Research Fellow in MIRIAD at Manchester Metropolitan University and Director of Ecology In Practice research group. He is a Visiting Professor at Zhonguan University of Technology, China and a Research Advisor to Transart Institute, USA. David is, also, Vice Chair of the CIWEM Art & Environment Network, a Futures Venture Foundation Trustee, a member of UK Man and the Biosphere Urban Forum, and Society for Ecological Restoration. Recent projects in the UK, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Germany and Portugal include: Making Our Futures: the Art of Sustainable Living (2008- 15) research, learning and teaching project to survive Climate Change in China, Taiwan and the UK; Life Support System (2012-13), for Hong Kongers to live with Climate Change; Meantime… Desert Poetics (2012-13), a poetic mapping of desertification around the world.

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