Naiara Valcarlos

Name: Naiara Valcarlos

Specialism: Visual Artist

Netherlands: Wageningen

weblink: Naiara Valcarlos

My name is Naiara Valcarlos. I am a Spanish architect that after finishing BA moved towards the field of landscape architecture, intrigued by the wider scope of the field. I recently finished my MSc Landscape Architecture and Planning in Wageningen University and Research Center, the renowned university in life sciences and natural resources. The Landscape Architecture program specifically makes strong emphasis in contemporary environmental problems and theoretical and design research is conducted within positivist and social sciences sphere. My most recent work is my research thesis for the master ´Murmur of limits: the sensuous encounter between ecological phenomena and humans´. It intends to widen the scientific approach to ecological recovery by studying how we engage with ecological phenomena. It deeply studies the realm of perception in the milieu of nature, depicting what human scale and perception in the milieu of nature do mean, and explores new representation modes for illustrating sensuous data. All supported by phenomenological method.

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