Joanne Clavel

Name: Joanne Clavel

Specialism: Performance Artist

France: Paris

weblink: Natural Movement Collective

Joanne Clavel obtained her Phd in ecology & evolution sciences (2008) at the National Museum of Natural History of Paris (MNHN). She has been working on the response of animal communities to global changes. Then, she started her training in humanities, and more specifically in art and communication (Univ. Liège, Belgium; Univ. Paris 8, France) but also in environmental ethics (Univ. California, Berkeley). She is currently working on “promenade and walk ” at the French National Museum of Natural History and she collaborates within the Soma&Po group, studying Somatics with an environmental perspective. She is part of a collective group of artists called Natural Movement interested in the development of an Eco-Culture.

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